How to reinstall RPC/HTTP proxy feature on SBS 2008 correctly

SBS 2008 setup installs the RPC/HTTP proxy feature onto the SBS Web Applications website, not on the default website. if you remove and reinstall RPC over HTTP through Server Manager or PowerShell, it gets reinstalled to the Default Web Site and Outlook over HTTP will fail.

Instead, follow these steps:

1. Once the RPC/HTTP proxy feature is removed from server manager (Rpc and Rpc with Cert v-dirs no longer exist in IIS) and the server has been rebooted, add the following registry key:


2. Under this key, create a new string value called “Website” and specify “SBS Web Applications” for the data.

3. Install the RPC/HTTP proxy feature from Server Manager

4. Check the default website, make sure that the rpc vdirs have not been created there. They should have only been created on the SBS Web Applications site.


source: here

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